On-Demand Training

For you who have difficulty allocating time due to busy work hours, the on-demand training method is perfect because you can learn anytime and anywhere online through our platform. Elements of on-demand training include presentation videos, PDF materials, and case studies so that the quality of the output/outcome of this type of training remains good. Login, play video from the last point you watched before, automatic.

Online Training

Online learning with a fixed schedule and live presentation of material is suitable for those of you who want more intensive interaction with the tutors. In addition to providing the public training that we schedule, we are also available for those of you who wish to organize in-house online training via the Zoom and Microsoft Teams applications. You can attend training from home, collectively in the office or even at a hotel to interact with tutors online. The good news is that currently formal and informal education conducted online is increasingly gaining recognition and acceptance.

Face-to-Face Training

Face-to-face training is a method that is still quite popular because it involves very humane interactions between participants and instructors. Register yourself, or discuss with us to hold in-house training for face-to-face implementation at your office, at a hotel, or maybe at our training center in South Jakarta.

Free Training

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Why MarkCert?

  • Experienced in providing training services, especially in the fields of standardization, conformity assessment, policy advocacy, as well as other professional, scientific and technical fields;
  • Having activities in the field of person certification approved and registered by International Organization based on ISO/IEC 17024  with an online competency test system such as BRCGS-LGC Assure, PECB;
  • Has a standard and lists the duration of the training in hours or is called Training Hours (JP);
  • Can be verified online to our system on the website and social media, in the Certificate Directory and Professional Directory can be implemented as a corporate initiative.